Jacqueline-Walters Dealing with infertility guilt after breast cancer

“Married to Medicine” reality show touches on the sensitive topic of guilt about infertility after breast cancer treatment

Confession:  I absolutely enjoy some of the outrageous reality shows on television these days. I consider them a guilty pleasure… along the same lines as eating a pint of Haagen Daz ice cream or too many slices of birthday cake.

*I will neither confirm nor deny that I have had either of those succulent treats over these past few days of celebrating my birthday by the way…*

One show that I enjoy on Sunday nights is Married to Medicine.

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What happens to a dream deferred?
~Langston Hughes

I am stubborn. I’ve always been stubborn.

My mother calls it bull-headed. I guess that’s a nod to my Taurus nature. I call it determined. That’s a nod to my tendency to be afraid of making the wrong choice.

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