take2Ba2Bnap Fight Insomnia: Take A Nap!
You don’t have to suffer from insomnia

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When I was in active treatment (chemotherapy, various surgeries and radiation treatment), I napped frequently. My oncology team pushed hard against the cancer in my breast and because of the aggressiveness of my treatment I was simply exhausted. I think I fell in love with naps during that time.

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Well… I am surely a hard-headed rascal sometimes. I’ve been struggling with sleep issues for a while. Even before my diagnosis with breast cancer. However, I will definitely say that going through the treatment for my cancer has increased my anxiety and made my insomnia worse. Some months ago, my oncologist expressed displeasure that I was still taking the prescribed sleep aid ambien. (yes, he wrote me the prescription) I suppose that he was concerned that I was becoming dependent on them.

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My insomnia is back — or maybe it never went away. I’ve been trying to go without my sleeping pills but its not working. I’m going to have to give in soon and refill my prescription (or get some over the counter pills) because I have been up consistently until the early morning hours for weeks now. I end up getting sleep thru cat naps during the day… but its difficult to function when I’m awake and the rest of the world is asleep.
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Sleep has not been my friend for a long time. Even before my cancer diagnosis, I didn’t sleep that well… but I had no idea that it could actually get worse! Lawd… I want to sleep. I want to go to sleep like normal folks and not sweat all night (or cough all night thanks to my summer cold).

As it turns out (surprise, surprise) insomnia is a common side effect of breast cancer treatment and often continues well after treatment ends.

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