Gives2BMe2BStrength2BNicole2BMcLean What gives me strength? Love does.

The Komen Foundation asked me to share what gives me strength for their breast cancer awareness campaign this month. It didn’t take long for me to admit that love is really giving me a lot of strength these days.

If you’re a new reader of the blog, you’re probably not aware that I had sworn off relationships a couple of years ago. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was in a relationship.

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Well, I decided a few months ago to take a break from dating for an undetermined length of time. I got through the holidays just fine and all was well. Not dating was fine. I still went out (alone and with friends), I still had a good time when I was out. I just didn’t accept any dates.

So, just as the new year kicked off, I decided that taking myself out of the game wasn’t the smartest strategy for finding love.

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My insomnia is back and my nightsweats aren’t helping. I’m back to living in an upside down world, time-wise. The only good thing about being up when everyone else is not is that it gives me a lot of time and quiet to think and to write. I will be honest, sometimes I don’t want to think too much. Somedays — sometimes for weeks on end — I do everything in my power to keep from experiencing any long stretches of silence or quiet.

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**UPDATE 2014:  When I wrote this in 2010, I was still coming to grips with losing my breast and being reconstructed. I was lopsided, my relationship had ended and I was really just an emotional mess. I didn’t know what was next. So, I thought that if I pushed myself to date again, I would hit my stride and feel more normal again. In hindsight,

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